Josh & Tara Jo Crawford

From my earliest memories I can remember praying to God and loving Jesus, and at around the age of fourteen the Holy Spirit rejuvenated me and gave me a new life in Christ. My home growing-up was not one that worshipped God, but rather one that was led by my father who was a drug-addict and an alcoholic. Because of this, my home was often broken; my mother would have to take my brother and me and leave just for the safety of our lives. Despite the evil in my own home, I was exposed to Jesus through other family members and their churches. At fourteen-years-old, with my father in prison and out of my life completely, and my mother broke and working two jobs, God showed me that the only place I had to run to was Him.

When I got to college I was discipled by a college minister who later became my pastor. God worked through this man in a special way that was unlike any other relationship I had ever had. God’s Word became more real to me and His grace became more evident in my life. In October of my sophomore year God called me to be an occupational minister during a service at my home church. The next October I began preaching in my church and later got the opportunity in prisons and other churches in America, Africa, and England. I was learning what it meant to give my life away through preaching the Gospel and discipling men for God’s glory. I am now still growing in and by God’s grace, learning more and more how deep my sin is within me, and how much God loves me because of the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus

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Tyler & Hannah Higgins

Growing up in a small town in North Georgia, it was easy to believe the misconception that God loved people who were morally upright and "good people". It took 23 years, but God placed a man on staff with Campus Outreach in my life to clearly help me see that I wasn't as righteous as I had believed myself to be, and that I needed Jesus to change me for eternity! I believed the gospel in 2010 while I was a freshman at Georgetown College, and I walked with other students and men on staff with Campus Outreach to learn what it meant to make disciples. I caught the vision to do this full time with Campus Outreach a few years ago, and am now serving as Campus Staff at Eastern Kentucky University. I recently got engaged and am marrying Hannah Uthe, another person deeply impacted by our ministry, in November of 2015.