Aaron & meg Wilson

Campus Director (Northern Kentucky University)

Meg and I both came to know the Lord in college (Georgetown College for me, the University of Kentucky for Meg). Prior to knowing the Lord, we were both going down paths that brought glory to us and not to God.  In his perfect plan, he used Christians in our lives to share with us the gospel of salvation, to which we both could not resist.  Our lives changed in our respective schools (we did not know one another yet), and the process of santification began for both of us. 

We were discipled by men and women who loved the Lord the rest of our days in college and The Lord gave us a vision to share the gospel with people at a full-time capacity.  We want to see people to experience salvation like we did, and we want to see that happen on the college campus. We dream of seeing college students love Christ and the church for the rest of their lives, and become changed into men and women of God.