Amanda Hubler

Campus Staff (Eastern Kentucky University)

My life uniquely collided with Christ as a Sophomore in college at Eastern Kentucky University. Falling in love with Jesus wasn’t a part of my four-year plan, but the Lord used the faithful labor of students and staff with Campus Outreach to draw me to himself. Growing up in the north east it was easy for me to go much of my life without uttering the name of Jesus, but when I was exposed to the truth of the gospel I could deny Him no more. I cried out in my affliction for the deliverance of the Lord. I am desperate and dependent on the love and grace of God offered to me through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus.
This is my first year on staff and I am eager to share my life and share my faith with students on the college campus. My heart desires for individuals to be released from the bondage of sin and to walk in the freedom offered in Christ. I pray that my deep love for people will further break and burden my heart for their souls in light of eternity.