"I Just Wanna Be Successful"

Many of life’s frustrations are birthed out of unmet expectations. Unfortunately, most of our expectations - the ones we put on ourselves or those put on us by others - end up crushing us through pressure and performance. The response is to then lower expectations in order to self-protect and not feel like such a failure.  

But instead of lowering expectations, we need to rediscover biblical ones.

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Luke Rakestraw
Loving Scripture Memory

We have lyrics tucked away for every occasion, ready to pull them out at a wedding reception, a night out with friends, or road trips. But how many verses of the Bible can you call to mind with the same accuracy?

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Sarah Parks
Finding Family in Christ's Church

Last week I struggled to read through a Wall Street Journal article titled “The Children of the Opioid Crisis”. The difficulty wasn’t the astronomical statistics of addictions and overdoses--though they are mind boggling--rather, it was the stories of the young boys and girls who, because of the abandonment of their addicted parents, experience life as an orphan. These children, who have already experienced hunger, abuse, and neglect, now face a growing shortage of foster and adoptive parents as the number of orphans skyrockets in direct correlation with America’s opioid crisis.

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Josh Crawford
Kanye West and the Need to Be Human

Kanye West is a special kind of person. Loathed by some, worshipped by others, it’s hard not to have an opinion on him. Last year alone he went from the mental hospital to meetings with President Trump. His music is vulgar, gritty, and brutally honest, with lyrics of power, fame, and how he thinks of himself as a god. Then one night in 2008 in Singapore, Kanye West starts a freestyle at the end of his concert. During that freestyle, he tapped into the deep need for us all to be human. 

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Luke Rakestraw
Where is Heaven?

If you were to take a poll, you probably wouldn’t get a clear consensus on where Heaven actually is. It’s a head-scratching topic, and a lot’s been written on it. But I think our best bet is to look to the Bible.

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Hayden Nesbit
Hey Girl. What's Your Meme?

If you’re familiar with the “Hey Girl” memes that began circulating the web in 2010 then you’ve seen a catchy tagline plastered on an attractive picture of actor Ryan Gosling. An example pick up line from these memes could go something like this…

“Hey girl, you have something in your eye. Oh wait. It’s just a sparkle.” (Cue laughter).

I know these memes are meant to showcase the good-looking actor and suppose what he would be saying to the girl in front of him, but I think it is worth noting that most of the “Hey Girl” memes I stumbled across are empowering and encouraging to women in some way; they actually show a woman’s worth.

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Sara Gabbard