Bobby & Carrie Pepiot

Director of Operations

  I grew up in Smyrna Georgia in a family of 5. I am the middle. We were involved in Church and learned the difference between right and wrong. I believed that as long as I strived to be a good person, respect others and didn’t get caught then I was a good person. I made sure I periodically went to Christian retreats and said the sinner’s prayer so I would not die and go to hell. I thrived in the spotlight of sports, popular crowd and good image. This continued on into my college years where I attended the University of West Georgia. It was during my college years that God drew me to Himself. He showed me that I was searching for significance and everything I tried in the world left me empty. It was my Junior year that I met Will Witherington and began to investigate what the Bible said. Through conversations, bible studies, and other events with Campus Outreach I heard the Gospel and became a Christ follower.
    The second key decision that the Lord brought into my life was being discipled by Will. I remember standing in the front yard of my fraternity house where I lived. I was talking with Will about wrestling with moving out of that environment. We talked about being a light for the Gospel and if I moved out what did that communicate to my fraternity about the Love of Christ. He talked with me about helping me grow and having an impact in the fraternity. That he would disciple me and with the Lord leading us we would see other men come to know Jesus. I decided to stay and many came to know the Lord.