Jared McClain

Campus Staff, University of Kentucky

In the Northwest Georgia town of Hiram, my hometown, football is king. Until my sophomore year at Eastern Kentucky University, football was my king. Everything about my life was about me and my interests. From the outside most people would say I was a good kid growing up and did the right thing. My whole objective in life was to keep my persona perfect in the eyes of man, until Christ wrecked it in 2012, when I met Blake Buckman, who still works with Campus Outreach. He helped me understand that I can never be perfect and that I was a sinner in desperate need of a Savior: Jesus Christ. I was a knuckle-head football player at EKU who thought everything was about me. That fall Jesus took everything I clung to and made me realize that I was dead in my sin and destruction was ahead. But by the grace of God he saved me and redeemed my life for His glory.

Now, I have a deep conviction, passion for men and seeing Jesus transform them in His likeness. This same transformation that continues to happen in my life came about through Campus Outreach, and now I have been blessed with the opportunity to labor with this ministry and see Christ change lives. Growing up it was just my mother, little sister, and I. I am beyond grateful for my family and the love they continue to show me every day. I pray for humility and dependence in Christ everyday as I labor on the campus knowing His will is being done.