Jimmy Lacy

Campus Staff (University of Kentucky)

  Growing up in Lexington was such a blessing, but up until my senior year of high school my life was strictly performance driven. I believed that in order to be loved by others I must perform well in all stages of life, especially in order to be loved by God. Thankfully a girl I liked invited me to a bible study where the Gospel was preached, and it was there through community my heart was softened to the Lord's immeasurable grace.

College was a pivotal time where I learned from other men the importance of growing in Christ-like character. This cultivated a heart and core belief in the importance of life-on-life discipleship and what it means to invest in others. I learned how to struggle through sharing my faith in my fraternity, on Georgetown's track team, as well as on the campus. I'm thankful and excited to be apart of this ministry in raising up the next generation of Christ-like leaders.