What is LYP?

Lexington Young Professionals (LYP) is a year-long program which helps graduates transition from the campus to the world by connecting them to a missional community, helping them grow in foundational life skills, and giving them opportunities to serve in the mission of the local church, all while working in gainful employment.

What LYP looks like:


Weekly Commitments

  • Sunday night discipleship group

  • Weekly reading & curriculum assignments

Bi-weekly Commitments

  • Thursday Dinners

Monthly Commitments

  • Leadership Training

Other Components

  • Men’s & Women’s Events / Retreats

  • Periodic Training Opportunities

  • Perspectives Training

    • Foundation’s Class (Church Membership)

    • Missions Conference

    • Good of the Bluegrass Conference

    • Hope Presbyterian J-Term



Interested in LYP?

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