Morgan Hughes

Campus Staff (University of Kentucky)

By Gods grace I ended up at summer project. Even though I had grown up in church and heard The Gospel a thousand times, God allowed me to actually hear The Gospel for the first time. I realized it wasn’t about me or what I could to bring to the table, it was about God and the fact that he sent his Son to pay my debt. That summer I learned how to walk with the Lord, the importance of community, and other things like how to pray, how to read the bible, how to deal with sin, etc.

When I went back to the campus God used my failures to give me a bigger picture of the cross and what Jesus did for me. I started leading bible studies, sharing my faith, and live mission minded. The following summer I went to Thailand with the ministry and God used it to fuel my vision and heart of all tribes and nations coming to His Glory. I am humbled and exited to labor on the campus and watch God change lives, just as He has done mine.