Resource & Mobilization Staff

  I was blessed to be raised in a Christian home with God loving and fearing parents. I was exposed to the Gospel by them since birth and at age ten I was formally presented the Gospel. I knew then that my sin separated me from God and that I needed Christ blood to cover me yesterday, today, and tomorrow. I was baptized in the church, and that is when my story begins. I recognize that I am a sinner by nature, but God has greatly spared me and acted much like a "gutter-guard" in many areas in my life. It wasn't until college that I started to grow in my relationship with Christ.
     It was Andy Hardin who took the time needed to invest in me as a man and help me grow in my understanding of the Gospel. Andy discipled me, along with a group of fellow fraternity brothers.  It was in my one-on-one time with Andy that I began to admit deep, festering sin that I had never dealt with before. I grew immeasurable as a man because of how Andy laid his life out and showed us how he related to his family, acted as a father, and was a servant of God. Andy helped me recognize my spiritual gifts of faith, exhortation and teaching, and then showed me how to use them to glorify the Lord.
    Now, through prayer and faith, I look forward to serving as a 'Resource Staff' to our ministry in central Kentucky, where I hope to use my skills to Gods full glory on the college campus.
    God has shown me that my life is no longer mine to live, but His to use.