Sean & Emily Schweickhardt

Director of Staff Development

I had been a Christian for a couple of years when I first came to Georgetown College.  I was excited then about walking with the Lord and had an idea that following Christ probably came with an important calling, but I could never have imagined what the Lord had in store for me over the next few years.  Not long after coming on campus I developed a relationship with a guy named Michael.  Really, I say that he was developing a relationship with me.  Looking back, I am amazed at how the Lord used Michael to push me forward in my development as a Christian.  This is a work that the Lord had begun long before I came into the picture.  There was a man on staff with Campus Outreach who was committed to spurring Michael on toward knowing God more, proclaiming the Gospel, and working to build up other believers to do the work of the Kingdom.  After Michael graduated, Casey, another man on staff with Campus Outreach, was committed to doing the same thing with me and a handful of other guys.  These became the most influential relationships I ever had as we were brought together to run after the Lord and learn more about what it means to serve Him.

       What I desire most in my own life is to work to see this happen in the lives of others—specifically people on the college campus.  In Matthew 9:37, Jesus says the harvest is plentiful, implying that there are many in the world who will come to know Him.  I trust that college students make up a portion of this harvest that will be in a position to influence various types of people throughout the world, and I am confident that the work of Campus Outreach contributes to making this happen.