Sharyl Higgins

New Staff

Giving my life to Christ my freshmen year in high school didn’t really have any significance. The only thing that I understood was that I wasn’t going to this scary place called hell. I only wanted the blessings of God, while still living for myself.

Thankfully, God had me in the palms of His hands and was still revealing Himself to me. My freshmen year in College, Laura Oliver, who was involved with Campus Outreach, held a weekly night bible study in the dorm I was living in. I decided to go since it was what Christians did, and quickly found myself building a close relationship with Laura. She started inviting me Campus Outreach events, and it was at Summer Project did I genuinely see that I didn’t have a real relationship with Christ. I decided to recommit my life to Christ and not only make Him Savior of my life, but also Lord of my life. Since then, I have grown to have a vision for the Gospel to go to the nations, and to see young women love the Lord as He loves them. Coming on staff with Campus Outreach excites me, because I pray that I can be what Laura was for me to other women on the campus.