Tony & Liz Wells

Area Director (Northern Kentucky University, Cincinnati Expansion)

A Christian Music Artist once said that, "College does a good job of teaching you how to make a living, but does NOT do a good job of teaching you how to do a life." A verse that I continue to talk with college students is 2 Timothy 4:7-8 which says, " While physical training has some value... training in godliness has MORE value for this life and the life to come." Students come to colleges to train in all sorts of physical things: academics, social groups, sports/fitness, FOOD...etc. God's Word says that while that stuff is valuable to train in godliness has more value!

I went to EKU to train in physical things on a baseball scholarship in 2003. However the most valuable thing I did in college was train in godliness with Campus Outreach. I spent a lot of time on the field, at parties, and in the classroom. But it was my time training in godliness through discipleship, bible studies, church, retreats, etc that has been the most valuable thing in my life. I would not be near the child of God, husband, father, church member, worker, neighbor, etc... if it wasn't for my time  training in godliness as a student involved with Campus Outreach when I was in college.

College ministry is fun! However the greatest thing about our job is to graduate godliness from the campus. Myself and many of my teammates, roommates, and friends from EKU put our faith in Christ for the 1st time in college and was discipled through the ministry of Campus Outreach. Many years after graduating we are still walking with the Lord, in godly marriages, raising our children, loving and serving our church, and using our resources for the Kingdom of God!

Thousands of students come to these cites to go to college and thousands end up staying in the city. To change the city I truly believe we need to reach and equip the next generation of college students. 

Our family is committed to use our resources to share the gospel and  to see the next generation of godliness graduate from the college campus.