Travis & Emily Stephens

Area Director (Georgetown College, University of Kentucky

Emily and I are going into our 6th year on staff with Campus Outreach.  To say that this ministry has had an impact on our life together would be quite an understatement!  
Emily came into college with the hope of leaving college still having faith.  God instead grew her faith through discipleship of a Campus Outreach staff wife. Emily saw God do amazing things through her during her time at Centre College.  Upon graduating she knew she was being called to reach girls like herself with the good news of the Gospel!  Over the years God has given Emily many, many women to love, disciple, and impact.
I came to college as an unbeliever and through the ministry of Campus Outreach came to faith in Jesus Christ my junior year.  I began to walk with God through the discipleship of a Campus Outreach staff.  After several months of learning the basics of the faith I desired to replicate what had been instilled in me.  I began an evangelistic Men's Athletic Bible study with my teammates on the football team and God gave me a passion to share Christ with those who did not know Him.
After 5 years of ministering on the college campus we have never been more passionate about reaching college students!  We have personally seen literally hundreds of families impacted by Jesus Christ.  It is a privilege to get to be apart of something we are so passionate about.  We truly feel like this ministry is changing the world around us.