Tyler & Hannah Higgins

New Staff

  Growing up in a small town in North Georgia, it was easy to believe the misconception that God loved people who were morally upright and "good people". It took 23 years, but God placed a man on staff with Campus Outreach in my life to clearly help me see that I wasn't as righteous as I had believed myself to be, and that I needed Jesus to change me for eternity! I believed the gospel in 2010 while I was a freshman at Georgetown College, and I walked with other students and men on staff with Campus Outreach to learn what it meant to make disciples. I caught the vision to do this full time with Campus Outreach a few years ago, and am now serving as Campus Staff at Eastern Kentucky University. I recently got engaged and am marrying Hannah Uthe, another person deeply impacted by our ministry, in November of 2015.