The Cure For Our Busyness

I have never met a joyful busy person. Not one, including myself. In our culture, especially on the college campus, we have equated busyness with success. If we are not busy, then something must be wrong with us. We must not be important enough. We fill our schedules with roles, responsibilities, and relationships, while at the same time emptying ourselves of all joy and peace. All the while wondering what else we could be doing. 

Here are two things that I’ve been trying to do to counteract my busyness, and I hope they’re helpful for you:

Take God More Seriously

Let’s take a breather for a second, and just imagine that God really is who he said he is:

God is King

The Bible says that God is King. That he really is in control of your circumstances, so you don’t have to be. He really is all-sufficient, so you don’t need anything else. He really is all knowing, so you don’t have to be an expert. He really is all-powerful, so you are not in this by yourself. He doesn’t sleep or slumber, so you can rest at night knowing that in the morning the sun will rise. 

God is Father

The Bible also says that, for Christians, God is Father. He really does love you, so you don’t have to prove anything to yourself or anyone else. He really does provide for you, so you don’t have to fret over everything. God really is for you, so you don’t have to fight alone. God really is gracious, so you are not a sum total of your successes and failures.  

When we take God more seriously about who he is, it helps us see whom we are. 

Take Yourself Less Seriously

You are not superman. None of us would claim to be, but are lives reflect that we think we are. The world does not run on us.  One-third of your life is spent asleep to remind you of this. The more we live like we are the point, the more exhausted we will be. The world does not need our busyness. The world needs our joy and we can’t have joy when we take ourselves too seriously. 

If we’re honest, we are not that great, we’re just too busy to realize it. We are sinful, but the good news of Christianity is that God took that sin in Christ, which means we can stop taking ourselves so seriously. We can relax and enjoy our savior because all we need and are looking for in our busyness is found in Him. 

So if you are trusting in Christ, relax this week. God can handle everything that you’re worried about. Here are some ways to take yourself less seriously:

Look Up

We are busy because we spend much of our days moving from task to task not thinking about God. Spend some uninterrupted time with Him.

Look In

We are busy, because we don’t understand ourselves. Spend some uninterrupted time doing things that you enjoy and don’t put it on social media. 

Look Back

We are busy, because our focus is on today and we forget all that has been done for us. Spend some uninterrupted time remembering all that you do have, instead of the things you don’t.

Look Around

We are busy, because we make life about us, not about the people around us. Spend some uninterrupted time with friends and family. 

Look Ahead

We are busy because we are too committed to the things we don’t care about. Spend some uninterrupted time thinking about your life and what you want to see God do in it. 


When we take the God of the Bible seriously for who He said He is, we are able to take ourselves less seriously and relax. He really is great and He really is good. He does not need us, so we can enjoy Him and this life He has given us. 

Elisabeth Elliott once said, “The hands that keep a million worlds from spinning into oblivion were nailed motionless to a cross – for us. Will you trust him?” 

Luke Rakestraw