Hooked on Habits

I long for a generation of college students to walk with God but often fail to pray as I should. I long to believe God’s promises but often fail to spend time in His Word as I should. I spend my days longing to grow closer to Jesus but fail to do the ordinary and repetitive actions that draw me nearer to Him.

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Brooke Daugherty
Through A Gentle Whisper

The same pastor who told me the story of Elijah, thought that I too was longing for something deeper than just wanting to go back to my childhood home. He knew I was longing for the brokenness inside of me:  my sin, my pain, and the weights of the world, to be taken away.

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Sara Gabbard
The Return of The King

I cannot wait to wear my Sunday red with all of you Tiger fans and eagerly watch as he chases every record in golf. But will you join me in hopeful waiting for the coming Kingdom of Christ?

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Trey Gross
Integrity (feat. Batman and Migos)

But the sad reality is this: day after day as I claim that each of these instances were isolated, uncharacteristic mistakes, they have slowly become the norm, and only I truly believe that this isn’t the real Wayne.

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Wayne Logan
Jesus’ Leadership

Alongside Jesus’ genuine nature, the second reason he’s still common in dinner table discussion to this day is because he is arguably the most radical leader of all time. Jesus pushed back against the status quo.

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Hunter Trenaman
Thoughts of A Prodigal

Lord, cleanse me. Wash me that I may be whiter than snow. Let me hear joy and gladness, and let these bones that you have broken rejoice… Restore to me the joy of your salvation and uphold me with a willing spirit (Psalm 51).

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Annie Sostok