All Your’n


Since the origin of folk and country music Eastern Kentucky has been breeding ground for musically gifted people. One road in particular, US Route 23, commonly known as the “Country Music Highway”, may have been the home of more stars than any other place in the world. Artists such as Loretta Lynn, Ricky Skaggs, The Judds, and current star Chris Stapleton were all born on this highway of talent. Growing up in my context (somewhere on the edge of the Bluegrass region and Eastern Kentucky) these artists are more than singers and songwriters. In a way, the words they sing scream about the struggles and joys of growing up in a small town in Kentucky. 

The youngest budding superstar from Route 23 is Tyler Childers. He captures the emotions of living in Eastern Kentucky better than anyone in my opinion. His most popular song from his newest album is called “All Your’n”. It is almost like a beautiful letter written to his wife about their love for one another. The chorus of the song says: 

So I'll love ya till my lungs give out

I ain't lyin' I'm all your’n

and you're all mine 

There ain't two ways around it

There ain't no tryin' bout it

I'm all your’n and you're all mine 

I share this same sentiment with my wife, but where does this love and devotion come from? Not only does it feel natural for us to have it, but we naturally long for it. 

Mankind was created in the image of God. Our God is triune. Most simply this means that He is one God represented in three persons. These three persons being the Father, Son, and Spirit. Our trinity has loved and been devoted to one another for all of eternity, and creation is just an overflow of love and devotion. Hence, we were created to love and be devoted to God and to each other. The issue is that there is only one person who has ever done this, Jesus. 

Jesus was completed devoted to God and to His people and He loved God and His people fully. We see this love and devotion come to fruition on the cross. On one side of the coin, Jesus is so in love with the Father and devoted to Him, that he takes on the penalty of sin for God’s people. On the other side of the coin, Jesus completely loves His people and is devoted to them, even to the point of his death on their behalf. This is why the Apostle Paul could confidently write : “For our sake he made him to be sin who knew no sin, so that in him we might become the righteousness of God.” (2 Corinthians 5:21). Christ became all that we are (sin) and we become all that he is (righteousness). 

And because this is true, Jesus can confidently say in John 17:10, “All mine are yours, and yours are mine”. Christ’s work on our behalf makes us the unique possession of God. And in belonging to God, God becomes all ours. Jesus really has loved us “till his lungs went out”, so we can confidently sing, “I’m all your’n and you’re all mine”.

Trey Gross