Where is Heaven?

If you were to take a poll, you probably wouldn’t get a clear consensus on where Heaven actually is. It’s a head-scratching topic, and a lot’s been written on it. But I think our best bet is to look to the Bible.

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Hayden Nesbit
Hey Girl. What's Your Meme?

If you’re familiar with the “Hey Girl” memes that began circulating the web in 2010 then you’ve seen a catchy tagline plastered on an attractive picture of actor Ryan Gosling. An example pick up line from these memes could go something like this…

“Hey girl, you have something in your eye. Oh wait. It’s just a sparkle.” (Cue laughter).

I know these memes are meant to showcase the good-looking actor and suppose what he would be saying to the girl in front of him, but I think it is worth noting that most of the “Hey Girl” memes I stumbled across are empowering and encouraging to women in some way; they actually show a woman’s worth.

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Sara Gabbard
How Do I Know God Loves Me?

“Love” is a pretty popular idea in our culture today. We even have an entire day dedicated to celebrating love, and it’s rapidly approaching (yes, Valentine’s Day is in two weeks...men, plan accordingly). Yet, “love” has also become an extremely overused word, leading to much confusion about what it actually means. In fact, if you asked 10 people to define love, you’d probably get 10 different answers. But how does the Bible define love?

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John Evanko
Hey White Person...

Hey white person,

There’s something I need to get off my chest. I need to tell you, and it’s very important you hear what I am about to say.

I want you to know that… I love you. And I am grateful for you.

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Jared McClain
Heroes in a World of Celebrities

It is no exaggeration that most people can easily identify Kim Kardashian over the vice president of the United States . The people that we most often look up to and want to be like tend to be either celebrities or athletes.  Why have we fallen so hard for the celebrity?

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Luke Rakestraw
While You Sleep

I just returned home from an eight-day trip to Khon Kaen, Thailand. I had the privilege of engaging with national leaders from Brazil, Australia, South Africa, England, New Zealand, Thailand, and the USA. This trip reminded me of a book I read years ago called “The Christ of the Covenants” by O. Palmer Robertson (highly recommend it!). In discussing God’s Covenant with Noah, Robertson makes the observation that the promise made to Noah and his family, along with the sign that would seal it (the rainbow), meant that all the earth would be restored and redeemed one day. Robertson says, “This universal character of the covenant with Noah provides the foundation for the world-wide proclamation of the gospel in the present age.” (p. 122) Why would the promise to Noah make this grand assumption?

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Will Witherington
The Forever Reliable

Each fall for the last seven years I’ve faced the same challenge: Who do I put my faith in? Who is going to get me what I need to succeed and be victorious? Who can I rely on? Now before you read any further I need to clarify, I’m talking Fantasy Football here.

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Logan Hershenow