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JUNE 2 - July 17, 2019



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Summer Project is a 6-week program in Sandusky, Ohio, the home of Cedar Point Amusement Park, located on Lake Erie. It is a summer of living, working, playing, and growing with college students from across central Kentucky.  Each student works a full-time job and participates in Bible studies, discipleship groups, ministry training, community outreach, and other activities during the rest of the week.
This fun and purposeful schedule creates the perfect environment for students to grow in their relationship with Christ, as well as develop ministry skills and leadership qualities.


A Summer to Work

Students at Summer Project work a full-time job because it is an invaluable career and missions experience. These jobs are not only a great way to earn extra cash but they also provide a strategic way to have a positive impact on the people of Sandusky.

A Summer to Live in Community

If you love people, then you will love Project! Students at Summer Project live together at our facility, The Retreat at Sandusky (located very close to the lake and Cedar Point), creating a tight-knit community. We also hope to heighten the awareness of the community around us by collaborating with a local church, giving students an opportunity to learn about God’s Word & serve the community in the context of the church.

A Summer to Invest

You're investing money in an education that is preparing you for a job, but are you investing money in training that prepares you for life? That's why Summer Project exists.

The cost of Summer Project is $1800. This includes rent, all project fees, four meals per week, and social events (pay $100 more for a discounted season pass to Cedar Point).

Many students arrive fully-funded thanks to donors who support those students (our staff would be glad to assist any student in the support-raising process). Students can also pay rent weekly during the summer using the income they have earned at their job.

A Summer to Train for Your Sport

During Summer Project, varsity athletes are given a unique opportunity to work out with other college athletes. Athletes are held accountable to the strength & conditioning programs required by their coaches. In addition to physical training, these athletes will receive mental and spiritual training in how to be effective leaders and witnesses on their teams.

A Summer with Us!

Campus Outreach Lexington is an inter-denominational ministry under the supervision of Tates Creek Presbyterian Church in Lexington, KY.  We have sponsored & operated the Summer Project in Sandusky since 2008.


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