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Celebrating Your Re-Birthday

Last Friday I turned 28 years old! Birthdays are a reminder of the what has been, a marker of where you are, and a celebration of life to come! But more importantly, on April 2nd (two days from now), I will celebrate seven years of being in a redeemed relationship with God. I can’t wait to celebrate this! Why? Remembering what God has done in our lives encourages and moves us to love Him even more.

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Three Relationships That Matter

What is your biggest fear?

Maybe it’s the looming 5-minute presentation in your communications class, or a phobia of snakes or spiders or other things that creep and crawl. My guess is that it’s something more. Deep down, it probably has something to do with the bigger questions of life, like what happens after we die. From my experiences as a college student and working with them, the number one concern of this generation is an all-consuming fear of wasting their life.

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What We Were Made For

After running gashers at the end of football practice one hot July afternoon, Coach Johnson called our team together to huddle up. We were all winded and on the verge of throwing in the towel: our team was the laughing stock of Lexington, and our vision of becoming a powerhouse was looking pretty unlikely...

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The Crucial Years

Good ol’ college. Four (or five, or six, or an indefinite amount of) years to relax and revel in irresponsibility.  Like a parenthesis to life’s journey, our culture has essentially conceded this phase and offered college students a free pass on the normal rules and expectations of life.

And, not surprisingly, college students are eager to take our culture up on the offer...

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